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Handheld Electric Garden Chain Saw

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Handheld Electric Garden Chain Saw


Handheld Electric Garden Chain Saw power upgrade, processing and logging is faster and more convenient. The product has a wider range of use and is suitable for logging farms, gardening work, and forest logging. Handheld Electric Garden Chain Saw has sufficient fuel, full energy conversion, energy saving and fuel saving, and easy logging without turning off the flame at high temperature. High hardness chain high temperature quenching, high strength, sharp and stone. Diaphragm carburetors make the most of every drop of oil. It has large vents, dissipates heat quickly, works continuously for 72 hours without turning off the flame, and is suitable for industrial-grade all-day use.


Lightweight body, light and convenient, lightweight design, long time holding and not tired hands.

Pure copper motor, strong power, fast cutting, improve efficiency.

Practical, fast speed, low power consumption. Small size, can be held with one hand.

Fine quality guide plate chain, deep quenching, more wear-resistant, smooth.


product name: Handheld Garden Chain Saw Start mode: self-reset hand-pull start
Product Type Air-cooled horizontal bar, two-stroke Carburetor form: diaphragm type
Bore/stroke: 45.2mm/34mm
Ignition System: Contactless CD1
Displacement: 54.5cc Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
Output Power 2.8kw Fuel tank capacity: 260ml
Calibration power point: 8500r/min Guide plate size: 18''/20''
Maximum no-load speed: 12500±200r/min Maximum cutting diameter: 45cm/50cm
Engine speed: 3000-3200r/min Product weight: 7.2kg

Electric 12 Inch Industrial Chain Saw9

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