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How to maintain lawn mowers and chainsaws in winter?

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How to maintain lawn mowers and chainsaws in winter?
Winter maintenance (long-term maintenance, storage period of more than 30 days) matters needing attention:

1. Drain the gasoline in the fuel tank, then start the gasoline engine until the gasoline is exhausted and stop;

2. In the hot engine state just stopped, first drain the oil in the crankcase, and immediately add new oil to the appropriate scale;

3. Remove the spark plug, drop 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder block, turn the crankshaft several times, and install the spark plug;

4. Clean up the dust and debris around the cutter head, body, cylinder block, cylinder head heat sink, air guide cover, grille and muffler; then save it.

Other notes:

1. All machine working conditions must be added to the big throttle.

2. If the machine has abnormal noise, vibration and failure, please notify the dealer in time.

3. During maintenance and repair, when moving the machine, stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wiring.

4. It is strictly forbidden for minors to use. Never put your hands or feet near moving parts, especially blades, so there are many cases of problems.

5. When the machine is tilted, it should be tilted to the side of the muffler with the filter element on it.

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