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Large Manual Rough Terrain Push Lawn Mower

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22 Inch Easy Commercial Push Lawn Mower


1. One-rod height adjustment: 5-speed adjustable, adjustable 25-75mm mowing height.

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

2. High-strength sharp blades, high-strength manganese steel blades, sharp and durable.

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

3. Brushed copper core motor, built-in temperature sensor, will automatically power off when the temperature is too high, safer to use, longer life, and lower noise.

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

4. High-strength casing, the body is made of high-strength plastic, which does not affect the hardness and reduces the weight. It is more convenient to operate, even if it is hit by stones.

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

5. Lightweight and convenient:

The body is light and easy to lift with one hand. It can also be placed in the trunk of the car for easy carrying.

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

6. The large-capacity grass collecting box can be disassembled to upgrade the large-capacity grass collecting box to liberate your heavy grass harvesting work.

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

Hand-push electric lawn mowers





Motor type

Brushed motor

Brush motor, temperature control protection

Brush motor, temperature control protection

Rotating speed

3500 rpm







Applicable lawn

Small area of sparse lawn

Moderate density and thickness

Large density and thickness

Mowing height




Height adjustment method

3 gears hand gear up

5 gears and one lever up

5 gears and one lever up

Grass collection capacity




Switch design

Double switch

Double switch

Double switch

net weight




Hand-push electric lawn mowers

Hand-push electric lawn mowers

Hand-push electric lawn mowers


1. Use gasoline and engine oil separately: The lawn mower is powered by a four-stroke gasoline engine, and gasoline and engine oil are used separately. The gasoline is above 90#, the engine oil is four-stroke engine oil, and the mark is 4T. Do not use two-stroke engine oil.

2. Add engine oil: engine oil is the key to good lawn mower use. Do not start without adding engine oil. Check the engine oil level before each use. To fill the oil strictly according to the oil scale, the oil must be controlled between the upper and lower lines of the slash range, and it is best to be flush with the upper line. Excessive engine oil will cause heavy smoke to be emitted from the exhaust pipe, the engine will overheat, and the air filter will be easily wetted by the engine oil, which will affect the horsepower of the machine. In severe cases, the filter will not enter the air and cause the machine to fail to sound. Too little oil, below the lower line, will cause the machine to pull the cylinder, which will seriously cause the connecting rod to break and the cylinder body to break. The oil is recommended to use brand-name oil.

3. Regular oil change: the new machine should be run-in at low speed for 20 minutes before use. After 5 hours of use, the new machine oil must be changed.

4. Spark plug: The spark plug should be cleaned up once every six months, and should be replaced every year

5. Blade: After the blade is used for a period of time, if the blade edge is not fast, it should be sharpened. Pay attention to the balance of both sides of the blade, and tighten the screws to fix the blade.

6. Use safety: Before using, clean the bricks on the grass. Angle iron, tree stump and other foreign objects. Do not refill gasoline indoors. Spilled gasoline should be wiped clean. Do not smoke while working.

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