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Lawn mower failure treatment method

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Lawn mower is a kind of mechanical tools used for trimming lawn and vegetation.   The output shaft of the engine is equipped with blades.   The blades use the high-speed rotation of the engine to improve the speed a lot, which saves the working time of weeding workers and reduces a lot of manpower input.   But the lawn mower used for a long time will also appear the following problems:

Inability to grass cutting

Remove the air filter and clean it.   If it cannot be cleaned, replace it.   Check whether the blade is sharp.   If it is dull, sand it.   In addition, whether the grass leaves are long and thick, if so, the grass cutting size should be increased to reduce the load of the engine.

Engine failure caused by not timely oil replacement

As the working time of the engine lengthens, the waste dissolved in the oil will gradually increase, the color of the oil will gradually deepen into black, and the lubrication function will gradually decrease.   If the oil is not replaced regularly, the lubrication function of the oil will gradually decrease, which will lead to excessive oil consumption, premature engine wear, power loss, until the connecting rod breaks and the engine is scrapped.

The oil replacement time should be 50 hours.   If the engine works in a high temperature or dusty environment, the oil replacement time should be about 25 hours.   It can also be determined by the color of the oil in the oil chamber.

The engine is not smooth

Causes and solutions: (1) the throttle is in the maximum position, the throttle is in the open state, then you can lower the throttle switch;   (2) The spark plug line is loose, and it is necessary to press the spark outside line;   (3) When water and dirt enter the fuel system, it is necessary to clean the tank and re-add the fuel;   (4) The air filter is too dirty, then need to clean the air filter or replace the filter element;   (5) the carburetor is not adjusted properly, then the carburetor needs to be readjusted;   (6) The engine fixing screw is loose, and the engine fixing screw needs to be checked after flameout;   (7) The crankshaft of the engine is bent.   At this time, the crankshaft needs to be corrected or replaced with a new shaft.

The engine cannot be turned off

Causes and solutions: (1) The installation position of the oil valve line on the engine is appropriate, elimination method, reinstall the oil valve line;   (2) oil line fracture, elimination method, replace the new oil line;   (3) throttle activity is not sensitive, elimination method, to the throttle activity position drip a small amount of oil;   (4) flameout line can not contact, elimination method, check or replace the flameout line.

Cannot start in spring

After winter, such as poor maintenance can not start in spring, the reasons and countermeasures are as follows:

(1) It may be that the oil in the tank of the previous year has not been drained, so check whether the fuel is qualified fresh oil.

(2) Its function is to send the pulse high voltage discharge from the high voltage wire (nozzle line), break down the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, generate electric spark to ignite the gas mixture in the cylinder.   Many idle speed instability, jitter, poor acceleration, lack of power, frequent idle self-flameout phenomenon, oil, gas consumption increases.   This is due to damage to the spark plug.   If the spark plug is dirty, can be clean, serious damage, need to replace the same type of accessories.   If ignition is not possible, the spark plug electrode gap can be adjusted to 0.6-0.9mm in winter and 0.9-1.0mm in other seasons;

(3) If it is the gasifier in the last year before the fuel is not burned out, the gasifier should be cleaned (be sure to ask professionals to clean);

(4) Go to the professional shop to repair the mower engine carburetor.

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