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Lightweight 4 Inch Wood Chain Saw

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Lightweight 4 Inch Wood Chain Saw


Lightweight 4 Inch Wood Chainsaw is lightweight and compact, suitable for pruning, sawing, orchards, logging, and other scenarios.  This chain saw adapt high-quality guide chain which has undergone a deep quenching process ensures smooth cutting.  The wood tooth design can make the chain saw stuck on the branch, cutting efficiency is higher and faster.The new upgrade has six core technologies: high-power, brushed motor.  Strong power, shock absorption design, lithium battery life, fast heat dissipation.  Strong power and long battery life, it only takes 2-3 hours to charge, stable power output and high load are not easy to burn the machine, providing large power and longer service life.  A variety of colors are available, customized colors and OEM production are also available.  Lightweight body design, easy to hold, quiet design.


Product name:Lightweight 4 Inch Wood Chain Saw
Rated voltage:24v
Battery power 850w
Guide length4inch /6inch
Saw chain speed:5m/s
Motor drivestrong magnetic motor
Machine weight700g
ChainQuick Adjust

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