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Nylon Cutter GS Grass Knapsack Mower Nylon Cutter GS Grass Knapsack Mower


Nylon Cutter GS Grass Knapsack Mower

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Nylon Cutter GS Grass Knapsack Mower


Nylon Cutter GS Grass Knapsack Mower has a long battery life, suitable for mowing grass, rice, branches, wasteland and other scenes. High-quality copper core motor, high-power and high-speed harvesting. The battery can be used continuously for 5 hours. 36cm adjustable telescopic rod, suitable for people of different heights. Selected high-quality stainless steel, no rust, long life. The 90-degree angle adjustment of the nose can flexibly solve the problem of dead ends. The height of the nose can be adjusted with one key according to the grass cutting environment. Three types of end-to-end options: nylon plastic cutter head, metal end-to-end, alloy blade. There is also a foldable design, which can be expanded and retracted at will, and the nose handle can be folded, which is more convenient for storage.


product name:Nylon Cutter GS Grass Knapsack Mower

Rotating speed:12000r/min

No-load time: 180 minutes, 85-120cm

Body length: 85-120cm

Weight: 1.8kg

Charging time: 1-2x hours

Blade length: 14.5cm

Product material: stainless steel tube/ABS molding material

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