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Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line

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Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line


Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line has the advantages of strong cutting force, good toughness, low noise and convenient operation. There are four styles of zigzag, twist, square and round to choose from. It is small in size and light in weight, so it is convenient for loading, unloading, transportation, quick installation and replacement, convenient operation, and quick and labor-saving work.

Product Highlights:

1. Carefully select materials, Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line selects the best raw materials and makes them carefully.

2. Sharp serrations, Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line is sharp and has high working efficiency.

3. Thickened rope, not easy to break.

4. Good toughness, not easy to wear.

Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line5Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line2Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line1Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line4Twisted Plastic Garden Trimmer Line3


1. Electric lawn mowers are commonly used 1.6MM lawn mowers, weighing 200 grams.

2. 2.4,2.6,3.0mm series of lawn mowers commonly used in gasoline lawn mowers

3. The round grass rope is wear-resistant, and the square grass rope is fast.

4. The round spiral 3.0mm grass rope is fast and wear-resistant

5. The packaging and color of the straw rope are not necessarily the same for each batch, and the single quality is the same.

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