stablished in 2007, Xucy Co., Ltd. stands out for its efficient management and a seasoned R & D team. Specializing in environmentally friendly solutions, we offer adapters, chargers, intelligent fast chargers, and telecom power conversion modules. Our professional R & D team integrates production, engineering, and quality control, ensuring we deliver competitively priced, high-quality products.

Expanding our portfolio, we've ventured into lawn care equipment, including the versatile Chain Saw for precise cutting. The Knapsack Mower provides a portable solution, while our Push Lawn Mower offers an eco-friendly option for smaller lawns. For larger spaces, our Self-propelled Lawn Mower combines power and efficiency.

Our Small Electric Lawn Mower caters to urban landscapes, offering a compact yet powerful alternative to gas-powered models. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Xucy Co., Ltd. continues to provide cutting-edge technology for both electronic solutions and lawn care equipment, contributing to a greener future.

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There are more than 20  engineers and 100  staff working at Super Dragon, the majority of whom have more than 2 years experiences in Power Supply Industry.



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More in line with your life scene


Low price high quality

 5 steps inspect 

100%  of products under full time aging


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Our fastest delivery time is 5 days


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60 packages

1000 pieces 20 percent off


Low price high quality

Nice service great credit

10 years, only dedicated for fishing tackle


Low price high quality

Nice service great credit

10 years, only dedicated for fishing tackle

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Client’s trust is our biggest Motivation
Super Dragon’s power supply & chargers are widely used in many international famous brand.

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