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Cause and solution of high temperature flameout of chainsaw

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The common symptoms of chainsaws are that they suddenly turn off after working for a period of time, then they can't pull, they can't pull the fire until some time later, and this is the case again after working for a period of time.   And more often when it's hot.   The above is the common situation of the chainsaw flameout at high temperature.   What should we do in this case?

First of all, we need to find out the reasons.   The usual reasons and solutions are as follows:

1.   Ventilation problems, general old chainsaw more common.   Mainly for crankcase and plastic parts ventilation is not smooth, resulting in carburetor parts ventilation caused by high temperature flameout.

Solution: Ventilate.   For example, the air guide hood can be added at the magnetic flywheel or the channel between the magnetic flywheel and the carburetor can be opened on the crankcase to increase the ventilation.   Or replace the box top cover and empty filter cover kit with better ventilation.

2.   Poor exhaust of muffler leads to high temperature.

Solution: clear the muffler or replace the muffler with a larger vent hole.

3.   Low temperature resistance of carburetor.

Solution: Add insulated paper pads, ventilate, and clean or replace the carburetor.

4.   Coils/HBS are not high temperature resistant.

Solution: Replace it directly.

5.   Cylinder three parts: cylinder, piston, piston ring at least one of the three parts of the material is not good.

Solution: Replace the chainsaw sleeve cylinder.

6.   Oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balance pipe) are not high temperature resistant, as shown by high temperature leakage.

Solution: Replace good quality oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balance gas pipe).

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