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The use and maintenance of garden machinery

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Before we use garden machinery, we must read the instructions in detail, understand the structure and working principle of the machinery, and better use and maintenance of machinery.

Side-mounted gasoline lawn mower5-1

Use and maintenance of 4-stroke mower

1.   Use No. 93 or above unleaded gasoline.   Never use leaded gasoline, mixed gasoline or polluted gasoline.   (Note: Refueling should be done outdoors, and smoking is never allowed when refueling.)   The engine oil should be SC grade gasoline oil.   4-stroke motorcycle oil is prohibited.

2.   The new mower must be run in 2-3 hours before use, every run in 45-60 minutes, need to stop 5-15 minutes.   After running in the oil must be changed, re - fill new oil.   Add oil do not exceed the mark of the upper limit, but definitely not lower than the lower limit.   Always check the oil level before each use.   Change the oil every 30 hours (preferably under heat engine).

3.   After each use to check the filter element, the machine every 30 hours to replace or clean the paper filter element, cleaning sponge filter element, serious pollution, should be cleaned or replaced in advance.

4.   The machine every 45-60 minutes, to stop 5-15 minutes.   The engine and chassis should be cleaned after each use of the machine.

5.   It is strictly prohibited to use in the slope of more than 25°, because the inclination Angle is too large to cause the oil splash wheel can not reach the oil, there will be a pull cylinder (or hold).

6.   Before using the machine, be sure to clean up the debris in the lawn, such as: stone tiles, iron wire, wooden piles, sprinkler heads, steel pipes and other things.

Use and maintenance of 2-stroke hedge trimmer, grass cutting machine and chainsaw

1.   The use of No. 93 unleaded gasoline, oil use 2-stroke gasoline oil (2T).   Pure gasoline is strictly prohibited.

2.   This machine uses gasoline and oil mixed fuel, gasoline and oil volume mixing ratio is 25:1 or 50:1, depending on what kind of oil you use, the mixing ratio of each oil is different.

3.   The new machine must be run in for 1 hour before use, every 20-30 minutes, need to stop 5-10 minutes.

4.   Butter must be added to gear box, transmission box and working class every 20 hours.

5.   The machine every 40 hours after use, must check each screw is loose, if loose, please be sure to tighten.

6.   Clean up the work site before using the machine to prevent stones, wires and other debris from affecting the safety of use.

7.   Hedge trimmer blade maintenance: Check the gap between the upper and lower edges regularly (25 hours), and adjust it in time (the interval is the half-turn thread interval of the bolt) to keep the edge sharp.   Fill the blade with oil every hour and trim branches less than 10mm in diameter.

8.   Cutting machine tool head maintenance: nylon rope head should control its length is less than 15cm, with the blade, should ensure the balance of the blade, rod vibration is small do not use vibration of the blade.

Other points to note:

1.   All machine working state must be added to the throttle.

2.   The machine abnormal sound, vibration and failure, to check in time.

3.   Maintenance and repair, when moving the machine, should stop running the engine, disassemble the spark plug wiring.

4.   It is strictly prohibited for minors to use.   Do not put your hands and feet near the running parts, especially the blades.

5.   The machine should tilt to the side of the muffler, the filter element on the top.

Winter maintenance (long-term maintenance, storage period more than 30 days) precautions:

1.   Drain the gasoline in the tank, and then start the gasoline engine until the gasoline runs out and stops;

2.   In the state of the heat engine just stopped, first release the oil in the crankcase and immediately fill the new oil to the appropriate scale;

3.   Take off the spark plug, drop 5-10 ml oil into the cylinder, turn the crankshaft several turns, install the spark plug;

4.   Clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, body, cylinder body, cylinder head radiator, air hood, mesh hood and muffler, and then save it.

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