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Composition structure of weeding machine

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Lawn mower is also called lawn mower, which is composed of cutter head, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, handrail and control part. It is composed of parallel four-bar lifting device, frame, left and right single-wing weeding device, whole machine deflection adjustment device, rotary bevel gear driving mechanism and comb tooth imitation depth adjustment device. The efficiency is 8 to 10 times higher than that of artificial weeding, the rate of seedling injury is low, and the rate of seedling removal is high.

1. Weeding device

Weeding width: 900mm;

Driving mode: V belt;

Maximum operating radius: 3.7m.

2. Hydraulic power device

The hydraulic fast connection in the front of the vehicle leads out the power, drives the weeding machine device, controls the left/right, up/down action of the mechanical arm, including weeding device hydraulic motor; Mechanical arm hydraulic cylinder; Single oil saving cylinder; Double oil saving cylinder; Anti-impact cylinder; Weeding machine Angle adjustment cylinder; Support cylinder.

3. Mechanical arm system

Weeding device is installed at the end of the mechanical arm, 2 mechanical arm, can adjust various angles freely. The shape of the arm is quadrangular, and the material is high strength steel plate.

4. Control system

The left/right, up/down actions of the weeding device and the mechanical arm are operated by a single person on the control panel of the cab.


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