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Small Manual Garden Push Lawn Mower

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Small Manual Garden Push Lawn Mower

brushless rechargeable lithium mower4


This is an Small Manual Garden Push Lawn Mower. Equipped with 40V dual lithium batteries, long-lasting battery life, no-load battery life for 60 minutes. 1400W powerful power, 3800 rpm brushless motor, mowing operation is more efficient. The bass noise reduction design allows you to mow the grass without making extra noise and work quietly. It is very practical to clean up weeds at home or in parks.




brushless rechargeable lithium mower1

Motor Power


Mowing width


Mowing height


Battery capacity


Motor speed


Charging time


Big collection box


Total Weight


Package dimensions



1.40V dual lithium battery, long-lasting battery life. Equipped with two lithium batteries to supply power at the same time, with sufficient power, low energy consumption, long battery life, worry-free and trouble-free, and easier.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower6

2. It can work continuously for 60 minutes on one charge. You can easily trim 50-100 square meters of lawn.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower5

3.3800 revolutions per minute, brushless motor, 1400W high power, powerful cutting of dense lawn.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower11

4. Manganese steel blade, strong and sharp. Made by high-quality quenching technology, strong and sharp, efficient cutting, and durable.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower12

5.6 gear adjustment, cutting height. Adjustable 25-75cm cutting height, suitable for lawns of different heights.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower15

6. Detachable 40L grass collecting box. Detachable grass collecting box design, large capacity, high grass collecting efficiency.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower7

Show details:

brushless rechargeable lithium mower8

1. Double child safety protection, the machine can only start when the start key is plugged in.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower10

2. Safety switch to prevent accidental start. Safety button + metal start lever, safer to use.

Applicable grass:

Manila grass, Dutch grass, Taiwan grass, Bermuda grass, ryegrass, green grass, perennial green, tall sprouts, etc.

brushless rechargeable lithium mower9

40V brushless rechargeable lithium mower

Product display:

brushless rechargeable lithium mower2

brushless rechargeable lithium mower14

brushless rechargeable lithium mower13


1. What is the minimum order quantity for this product?

The product can be ordered at a minimum, and supports OEM production, drawing and proofing, and only supports OEM, ODM, and OBM.

2. What are the supported payment methods?

We support multiple remittance methods such as wire transfer, letter of credit, and DP.

3. What method is used for transportation?

According to the condition of the goods and the needs of customers, it is transported by air, sea LCL and FCL.

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