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Weeding machinery classification

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According to different classification standards, weeding machines can be classified as follows:

1, according to the marching points: intelligent semi-automatic drag type, after the push type, mount type, tractor suspension type.

2, according to the power points: human animal drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive.

3, according to the way: hob type, rotary knife type, side hanging, swinging knife type.

4, according to the requirements: flat type, half-waist type, truncated top type.

Hand-held rotary weeding machine is generally equipped with a knife less cutting disc, using high strength nylon rope as forage cutting parts, flexible structure, not afraid of encountering rigid obstacles, relatively safe to use, is also very convenient to replace.

The working mode of weeding machine is reciprocating and rotary. Its high mowing efficiency greatly saves time, and realizes the function of green environmental protection and beautification of the environment. The operation is simple, convenient and efficient, so it is widely used. Small machine, suitable for small and medium-sized lawn. The use of mower to determine the stubble height after cutting grass according to the requirements, the use of very convenient. When cutting grass, it can only be cut horizontally along the slope, not along the slope. Modern mowers are more convenient to operate.


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