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What are the styles of lawn mowers?

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1, hanging lawn mower

In form, a hanging lawn mower is hung on the side of the body, and another is carried on the back of the body. By comparison, the side-mounted type is lighter, more durable and more efficient. In theory, the more complex the structure is, the more likely it is to go wrong when using roughly the same engine to achieve the same function. The more complex the knapsack structure is, the more likely it is to go wrong. Practical use is also, the knapsack is prone to problems.

From the actual situation, the domestic weeding machine market is basically professional market, is to durable machines. So, the domestic market basically did not use knapsack type, almost all are side hanging type.

2, hanging lawn mower

The structure is simple, light and flexible. There are three kinds of front-mounted, side-mounted and rear-mounted mowers, and the later-mounted mowers are the most widely used. Reciprocating mower is composed of cutter, cutter transmission device, cutter lifting device, safety device and grass retaining device. The operating principle and construction of the cutter is basically the same as that of the grain harvester.

The blade used has two kinds of light blade and tooth blade. Generally adopt light blade moving blade. Cutter transmission device is similar to grain harvester, mostly using offset crank connecting rod mechanism and swing ring mechanism. Because of the high growth density and high moisture content of herbage, the average speed of moving knife is higher than that of grain harvester, which is generally 1.6 ~ 2.0 m/s. Cutter lifting device is generally controlled by hydraulic system, lifting quickly, convenient, can ensure the adaptability of cutter to complex ground.

Reciprocating lawn mower

Reciprocating mowers cut grass by the relative shear motion of moving and stationary knives on the cutter. It is characterized by neat stubble cutting and less power per unit cutting width. However, it has poor adaptability to different growth states of herbage and is easy to clog. Suitable for flat natural grassland and artificial grassland of general yield. Due to the large vibration of the cutter during operation, the improvement of operation speed is limited. Moving knife cutting speed is generally less than 3 m/s, operation speed is generally 6 ~ 8 km/h.

4. Rotary lawn mower

The cutting speed (circumferential speed of blade blade root) of rotary weeding machine is up to 60 ~ 90 m/s. The work is smooth, and the working speed can reach more than 15 km/h. The choice of lawn mower blade is very important, it means the quality of the lawn mower. Use a lawn mower to cut grass when it grows to 10-13 cm (cm). If the grass grows too tall, it should be done in two steps. First the upper part, then the lower part. When using the lawn mower, hold the handlebar with both hands and keep a certain slope to the fruit tree side so that the cut weeds fall as far as possible to the fruit tree side. Open medium speed throttle, uniform speed forward, can save fuel consumption. When the resistance is too large or encountered obstacles, the blade immediately swing back to avoid damage. If one edge of a blade is worn, it can be used on another side. It is also easier to change blades than reciprocating mowers. In rotary mower, in addition to equipped with reciprocating mower similar to the safety device, in the cutter above the protective cover, to ensure personal safety.

Use note: the rotary blade mower relies on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut the grass, if the linear speed of the blade is not enough, the effect of grass cutting is not good. So, when mowing grass, use a high speed accelerator. In addition, the carburetor and automatic speed control device of the lawn mower make its fuel consumption is not high when the throttle is not loaded. Only when it is loaded will it speed from 3,400 R.P.M., when it is not loaded, to 2,800 R.P.M. Therefore, there is no need to use a small throttle to save fuel, and the effect of cutting grass is not good.

It is characterized by strong adaptability to herbage and is suitable for high-yield pasture, but it is not neat enough to cut, more recutting and more power per unit cutting width. There are two kinds of drum type and rotary type:

(1) Roller weeding machine

The driving device of the roller weeder is located above the cutter, so it is also called the up-drive rotary weeder. A drum weeding machine is generally equipped with 1 ~ 4 vertical cylindrical or conical rollers in parallel. Each roller is equipped with a cutter head hinged with 2 to 6 blades, and the rotary track of the blades on the adjacent cutter head has a certain amount of overlap to avoid missing cutting. The roller is driven by tape or bevel gear, and the two adjacent rollers rotate relative to each other. The cut grass is sent down by a pair of rollers and placed backward into neat strips of grass. Can meet the requirements of low cut, but the structure is not compact enough.

(2) Rotary weeding machine

The driving device of the rotary lawn mower is located below the cutter head, but the cutter head is higher because of the driving device below. To ensure low cutting and reduce heavy cutting, the cutter head is usually tilted forward at an Angle. When the resistance is too large or encountered obstacles, the blade will swing back to ensure personal safety. There are also blades hinged with special nylon ropes that cut grass by centrifugal force. The configuration of the blades on the adjacent cutters is staggered with each other, and the rotation track of the blades has a certain amount of overlap. The cutter head is usually driven by gear, and the direction of the adjacent cutter head is opposite. Compact structure, smooth and reliable transmission.

5.Lawn mower

Lawn mower is also known as lawn machine. The stubble height should be determined according to the requirements of the lawn. The height to be cut is one third of the original height of the grass. Because of the special structure of the lawn mower, the grass can only be cut horizontally along the slope, but not down the slope. Be careful when turning in special places, such as on slopes, and watch out for caves, grooves, mounds, and other obstacles in the grass.

6. Push lawn mower

The hand-pushed self-propelled lawn mower is convenient, light and flexible, regardless of plain, hills, terraces, triangular fields and mud fields, used for harvesting big wheat, rice, beans, shrubs, reeds, highland barley, alfalfa, fish grass and other crops. Simple operation, high work efficiency, can cut an acre per hour, but also a person carrying.

The advantages of the cart mower are that the grass is cut clean and trimmed neatly, and no effort is needed to adjust height, left and right, front and back. Able to mow lawns, orchards, manors, gardens, hills. Work no longer need to slouch, men, women and children can use. Change the corresponding knives, install the upper and lower brackets and safety cover, but also harvest shrubs, grass, reeds and tea garden pruning and flower bed dressing.


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